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Portland Maps – Get critical information about your location is a city web portal that allows you to enter your address and learn the relative risks of your location.

You can also find out the assessed value of the property, permits and zoning, nearby parks, public safety including crime statistics and hazards, transportation information, and utilities.

In the Public Safety section, you’ll find information whether your location:


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Donate to the Special Appeal for Safety at Holy Redeemer

The Special Appeal featured at this year’s auction answers the call of our mission to ensure a safe and emergency-ready learning environment for our students.

Let us define who we are as a community by our commitment to being “HR Strong.”

You can still donate to the Special Appeal!

Gifts made in support of this special appeal are fully tax-deductible. Holy Redeemer is a non-profit 501(c)(3), tax ID # 93‑0964356.

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Holy Redeemer Auction will Support Disaster Preparedness

This year, Holy Redeemer’s auction theme is A Night for Heroes.

Throughout the night we will see themes of safety, earthquake preparedness, and acting as heroes to our student body.

Learn more by visiting the auction website!

Volunteer before the event or at the event. Buy or sell raffle tickets to support the school.  Sponsor the auction. Or buy tickets to attend – and invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join you.

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Introducing the Earthquake Committee | Presentando el Comité de Terremotos

This winter, a Holy Redeemer parent and designer Beate Culi convened a group of parents, faculty, staff, and our school principal Mrs. Raineri to engage in a project to assess the preparedness needs of Holy Redeemer’s campus and community. Este invierno, una madre y diseñadora de Holy Redeemer, Beate Culi, convocó a un grupo de padres, profesores, personal y la directora de nuestra escuela, la Sra. Raineri para participar en un proyecto para evaluar las necesidades de preparación del campus y la comunidad de Holy Redeemer. 

Beate’s initial impetus was her concern that both the school and parish be aware of and prepared for the expected 9-point Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake or for a possible local earthquake. All forecasts are for serious disruptions that will impede traffic, take down utilities, and damage or destroy many buildings. We are particularly concerned that such an earthquake might happen during the school day or Sunday Mass. El ímpetu inicial de Beate fue su preocupación de que tanto la escuela como la parroquia estuvieran al tanto y preparadas para el esperado Terremoto de 9 puntos de la Zona de Subducción de Cascadia o para un posible terremoto local. Todas las previsiones apuntan a interrupciones graves que impedirán el tráfico, eliminarán los servicios públicos y dañarán o destruirán muchos edificios. Estamos particularmente preocupados de que tal terremoto pueda ocurrir durante el día escolar o la Misa dominical.

Our Mission | Nuestra misión

  • Understand risks of earthquake events to our school and parish. Comprenda los riesgos de los terremotos en nuestra escuela y parroquia.
  • Develop action plans that keep students, occupants, and the Holy Redeemer community safe from those risks. Desarrolle planes de acción que mantengan a los estudiantes, ocupantes y la comunidad del Santo Redentor a salvo de esos riesgos.
  • Plan for buildings to allow safe egress during a Cascadia event and become serviceable again or replaced in a predictable timeframe. Planifique que los edificios permitan una salida segura durante un evento de Cascadia y vuelvan a ser reparables o reemplazados en un plazo predecible.

We have divided the committee into three sub groups so as to best address the many issues facing us – click on these links to learn more about each. Hemos dividido el comité en tres subgrupos a fin de abordar mejor los diversos problemas que enfrentamos: haga clic en estos enlaces para obtener más información sobre cada uno de ellos:

Buildings | Edificios

Preparedness | Preparación

Education | Educación

Have questions? We’d love to hear from you! ¿Tener preguntas? Nos encantaría saber de usted!